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Who we are

Easy Reloading was born in mid-2015, from an idea of ​​Erik Scaglia, competitive rifle shooter, Italian Champion TLD Heavy 2016.

The basic idea is to be able to provide shooters with what they need, on time, in the fastest and most comfortable ways possible.

The company deals with and imports the materials of the best and most prestigious companies in the sector, such as Lapua, Berger, KP Ballistic, Sierra, Hornady.

It is well known that reloading your ammunition with high quality components guarantees constant shot patterns and high-level results, what we want to offer you is just that, moreover the reloading allows you to economically save in the medium-long term and to be able to revive calibers considered obsolete or difficult to find

Since 2015 the company has had collaborators, the best shooters and reloaders in the North-West of Italy, which participates in the most important long-distance shooting competitions in the country and abroad, the result of this collaboration was the victory in July of 2016 of the TLD 600 y team competition at the national finals in Tuscany and that of 2017 in Piedmont and again in Tuscany in 2018,

To conclude we leave you with our company motto: "Always Ahead!" , always forward!, because this is what our company aims at, always aiming for innovation and news on the market.

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