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The BE1151 is designed specifically for the shooter who demands absolute precision with every part of the match ammunition perfectly measured and loaded.
The insertion of the triggers has long been a problem for shooters. The slightest variation in the depth of the primer seat affects the size of the pattern. When firing 20-shot strings in a match, these unexplained "flayers" are often caused by irregularly seated primers. As a result, many shooters use hand primers which really slow down the primer placement process and cause hand fatigue.

Bald Eagle engineers designed this to be the first bench mounted Primer Press and adjusts the primer seat in .002 "increments!

It is precision crafted with every detail and part crafted with meticulous care. This tool is designed exclusively for use with REDDING SHELLHOLDER!

It features a stainless steel body, high quality hardened parts and can be converted to left or right hand use, with adjustable stroke angle. Includes insert for both large and small hookbaits.

Bald Eagle Precision Priming Press

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