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The first innovative, futuristic and unique bipod for rifles that significantly reduces the lateral jump effect of the rifle itself when fired, repositioning the weapon on its axis and immediately returning it to the tappet without having to perform lateral adjustments.

The innovative technology feature - right & left - covered by a patent, which allows the misalignment on both sides (right / left) of the weapon on the head of the 3D SpaceBipod, moving the masses and the center of gravity, and absorbing the "jump" effect, or to reduce / reset the torque that is generated in the weapon system at the time of the shot.

Innovative features that allow to obtain the firing of several consecutive shots benefiting from the same conditions, and set-up, in a rapid and repetitive way.

The 3D SpaceBipod is equipped with a native system of micro-adjustment, micro-adjustment feet, which is fully contained in the foot, with no encumbrance outside the width of the feet. The micro-adjustment can be performed in a classic way (manual), or with the aid of removable electro-mechanical mechanisms (screwdrivers, etc.).

Made entirely in Italy on a native project with an attractive and refined design, all in a single one-piece light alloy, extremely rigid, finished with scratch-resistant surface treatment, weighs a total of 380 grams, including the hooking / attachment mechanisms to the weapon.

3D SpaceBipod bipod

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