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Canadian balls of the highest quality, handmade, the 211 grains with the highest confirmed ballistic coefficient in the world.

These balls are born from the desire of the shooters of the KP Ballistics Team to have an extremely performing ball, constant in the sizes needed, and that have already carried out all the processes to uniform and close the tips of the balls.

ATTENTION: being produced by hand, the lots are really small (500 pcs), all this is due to the choice of keeping the lots as uniform and constant as possible.

Suitable for 1-9.5 "and 1-9" pitch rifles.

This ball is considered Berger Chamber Friendly, meaning that no specific chamber is required to use it, as it can be used with high profit even in chambers made for the popular Berger shooting balls.

BC: G1 0.739 G7 0.378

Imported product, prices may vary according to the international monetary field

KP Ballistics 211 grains Piggy Jack (100pcs)

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