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The Master Press, marketed by Easy Reloading, is a reloading press that can be used both in the field and at home, made from solid aluminum Anticorodal 6082 with numerical control machinery; the thread pitch is the standard one (7 / 8-14 Unf), therefore compatible with all Dies on the market, excluding those for extra-large calibers (416 Barrett, 460 Steyr, 50 BMG). The height of the cradles for housing the cases also allows you to work on 3 "long cases (such as .300 Remington Ultra Magnum); the seat for the Shell Holders is compatible with all standard models on the market. Pins, bushings and pistons are in tolerance + or - 0.01 mm (extended piston tolerance max 0.02) The primer discharge is on the piston but positioned on the base to prevent exhausted primers from falling into the work cradle, filling the seats with carbon residues of ground pistons.

Master Press Press

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